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BLOG - Cohabitation

  • 06 Dec, 2019 Posted By: Abigail Whelan
    Many people belive that if you have been living together for long enough, you start to have rights as if you were married. We took a look at some of the more common questions asked about this situation.  “I’ve been living with my partner for many years. Does that make them my common law spouse?” The short answer is... read more.
  • Briers and Briers -   another cautionary tale for divorcing couples.Briers and Briers -   another cautionary tale for divorcing couples.
    22 Jan, 2018 Posted By: Marion Fisher
    You may recall our blog in 2016 about  the case of Wyatt and Vince.  Even for those of us who have been practising family law for many years, this case was unusual and it brought home the importance of divorcing couples having a court sealed financial agreement, even if at the time of the divorce neither party had any real assets. Yet... read more.
  • Have you set up Powers of AttorneyHave you set up Powers of Attorney
    24 Nov, 2016 Posted By: D.Collins
    Martin Lewis, the ‘money saving expert’ spoke to Adrian Chiles on his  BBC show, recently  about the importance of LPAs and of making a will As Martin Lewis explains, failing to make a will (for anyone, but particularly for unmarried couples) can cause terrible problems, and can means that the people whom you love and want... read more.
  • Domestic Abuse doesn't only happen in the ArchersDomestic Abuse doesn't only happen in the Archers
    14 Mar, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    If you are a regular listener to Radio 4's’s long running soap, The Archers,   you’ll know that a current story line deals with the issue of domestic abuse within the Titchener family. Rob Titchener is not physically violent to his pregnant wife, Helen; his abusive behaviour involves controlling her movements, isolating her from... read more.
  • Partner Wins Claim for HomePartner Wins Claim for Home
    17 Feb, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Joy Williams lived with her partner, Norman Martin for 18 years in a home they owned together. However, when he died unexpectedly in 2012, she found that, because they were not married, Mr Martin had not made a will, and the couple owned the property as Tenants in Common,  Mr Martin’s share of the house did not pass to her, but instead became... read more.


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