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BLOG - Personal Injury

  • Asbestos – A dirty word?Asbestos – A dirty word?
    18 Dec, 2017 Posted By: John Kilmister
    Many people are familiar with the word asbestos, and know that it can be very dangerous and can cause health problems,  but there can be a lot of misunderstanding about the specific medical conditions that exposure to asbestos can cause. In particular many people only associate exposure to asbestos with the condition Asbestosis, and don’t... read more.
  • Be careful of time, when travellingBe careful of time, when travelling
    30 Nov, 2017 Posted By: John Kilmister
    Alas, I am not talking about Dr Who travelling through time and space but the more worldly need to be careful of Court time limits if you have been injured in an accident on a ship or aeroplane. If you have been unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault and are looking to make a claim for compensation then... read more.
  • Government Proposals will make it Harder to get Compensation for InjuriesGovernment Proposals will make it Harder to get Compensation for Injuries
    22 Nov, 2016 Posted By: B.Whelan
    The government’s proposals to increase  the small claims limit for personal injury from £1,000  to £5,000 have been strongly criticised by claimant’s groups and by the Law Society of England and Wales.     Under the proposals, people who are injured would not be able to claim back any  legal costs... read more.
  • 30 Nov, 2015 Posted By: B.Whelan
    Most of us don’t think much about the rules relating to claims for compensation unless we are injured and it becomes a personal concern. Perhaps this why why there has been little publicity about changes proposed by the government, which will have a big impact on whether, and how easily, victims of negligence are able to claim compensation for... read more.


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