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  • 2020 - New Year New_ _ _Lease?2020 - New Year New_ _ _Lease?
    03 Jan, 2020 Posted By: Michael Coward
    OK, so it isn’t the most catchy phrase,  and probably not the first thing that comes to mind at the start of the New Year! January is often the time of year when your ground rent demand lands on your doorstep -  you make the payment and forget about it and your lease for another year. But did you know that you have other options?... read more.
  • 17 Jan, 2017 Posted By: S Twose
    Home buyers are facing increased costs as a result of the Government’s decision to  remove the VAT exemption on certain services provided by local governments. Local Authority searches are obtained to check,, as part of a property purchase, issues affecting the property such as  planning permission, building regulation certification,... read more.
  • Inheritance Tax. The Law is ChangingInheritance Tax. The Law is Changing
    29 Nov, 2016 Posted By: D.Collins
    Last year alone the Inland Revenue collected £4,643,000,000 in Inheritance Tax. If you would like to reduce the contribution you make to that sum, it’s important to plan ahead and to think about Inheritance Tax when you make your will, and to review your plans when the government makes changes to the rules. The tax is payable by estates... read more.
  • New Responsibilities for LandlordsNew Responsibilities for Landlords
    02 Feb, 2016 Posted By: S Twose
    Are you a landlord, or considering becoming one?   From 1st February this year, the government has given Landlords in England new legal obligations, imposed under the Immigration Act as part of the Government’s plans to tackle illegal immigration. The new legislation is intended to make it more difficult for people who are in the country... read more.
  • House Prices Still RisingHouse Prices Still Rising
    02 Nov, 2015 Posted By: J. Wood
    Figures released by the Land Registry on 28th October show that House Prices in England have increased 1%  in September, and by 5.3% over the 12 months since August 2014.   Obviously National figures don’t necessarily reflect the local reality : average prices in London have risen by almost 10% and have fallen in some parts of... read more.
  • 22 Jun, 2015 Posted By: J Woodland
    If you own a flat, you almost certainly own a lease rather than owning the property outright. Such leases are often for very lengthy terms,  when the flat is first sold, but of course, as time passes, the remaining term is reduced. It’s important to check how long your lease has left to run, and to consider whether it would be wise to extend... read more.
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  • 03 Dec, 2014 Posted By: J. Wood
    The Chancellor’s announcement, made in his Autumn Statement today, will be good news for many home buyers. Under the new rules, which take effect from  Thursday 4th December, people buying properties for under £1M are likely to pay less in tax on the purchase. Until now, Stamp Duty, (or Stamp Duty Land Tax, to give the tax... read more.
  • 26 Aug, 2014 Posted By: J. Wood
    According to new figures released by LSL Property  Services, the number of first time buyers has risen by around 27% in the past year, with around 30,000 more people buying their first home in the first half of 2014, than in the same period last year.  These first time home–owners are helped,  perhaps,  by the current low... read more.
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