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  • Child Arrangements during LockdownChild Arrangements during Lockdown
    07 Jan, 2021 Posted By: Abigail Whelan
    Following the government announcement on Monday the 4th January 2021 of a further National Lockdown, you may be wondering what this means for your children and contact with a non-resident parent. Whilst there is a “stay at home” message in place, this does not prevent children under the age of 18 from moving between households for contact... read more.
  • What does COVID-19 mean for child contact arrangements? What does COVID-19 mean for child contact arrangements?
    01 Apr, 2020 Posted By: Abigail Whelan
    We have all seen the government advice about staying home, unless we need to leave the house for specific reasons, such as picking up “essential items” from the shop. But what does this mean for those who are separated parents, with children that spend time between houses? Sir Andrew McFarlane, who is the most senior Judge in the Family... read more.
  • Archer v Titchener. What would really happenArcher v Titchener. What would really happen
    20 Dec, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Regular listeners to ‘The Archers’ will know that Rob and Helen Titchener were back in court recently, this time to deal with the issue of Rob’s contact with his son, Jack, and that Henry, Helen’s son, and Rob’s step-son, should return to live with his mother. Rob is to have supervised contact with Jack once a month,... read more.
  • Domestic Abuse doesn't only happen in the ArchersDomestic Abuse doesn't only happen in the Archers
    14 Mar, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    If you are a regular listener to Radio 4's’s long running soap, The Archers,   you’ll know that a current story line deals with the issue of domestic abuse within the Titchener family. Rob Titchener is not physically violent to his pregnant wife, Helen; his abusive behaviour involves controlling her movements, isolating her from... read more.
  • Putting Your Children FirstPutting Your Children First
    23 Nov, 2015 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Separation or divorce are always difficult, particularly where there are children involved, however, there are steps you can take to try to limit the damage.   Resolving issues around children or finances doesn’t have to mean having a huge fight through the courts.   There are other options: Alternative Dispute resolution... read more.
  • Cohabitation: Know Where You StandCohabitation: Know Where You Stand
    09 Nov, 2015 Posted By: M. Taylor
    The office for National Statistics has recently published new data about the makeup of  families and households across the UK.   The figures show that although households consisting of a couples who are married or in a civil partnerships still make up the single biggest family type, with some 12.5 million families meeting this description,... read more.


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