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  • The impact of COVID-19 on Landlord and Tenant legislation  The impact of COVID-19 on Landlord and Tenant legislation
    06 Apr, 2020 Posted By: Abigail Whelan
    You will probably be aware from the various government announcements over the past few days and weeks, that one of the steps they have taken has been to bring in emergency legislation to stop landlords from evicting tenants during this present crisis. Where a tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the fixed term has expired, a landlord can... read more.
  • 19 Jul, 2017 Posted By: John Kilmister
    Most people are familiar with the Channel 5 series Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! but what is it all about? The answer is that the show features the work of High Court Enforcement officers. They are from a private company (Direct Collections Bailiffs Limited or DCBL) who are licenced to operate in a role that used to be known as... read more.
  • New Responsibilities for LandlordsNew Responsibilities for Landlords
    02 Feb, 2016 Posted By: S Twose
    Are you a landlord, or considering becoming one?   From 1st February this year, the government has given Landlords in England new legal obligations, imposed under the Immigration Act as part of the Government’s plans to tackle illegal immigration. The new legislation is intended to make it more difficult for people who are in the country... read more.


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