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The Risks of Unregulated Will-Writers

By: D.Collins

Tags: Wills, Wills And Probate

You may have seen news reports recently that a Will-Writer,  Keith Webber, has been ordered by a court to repay over £360,000 he stole from the estates of his clients.  Webber was also convicted of fraud and theft and given a 5 year prison sentence. 

Unlike Solicitors, who are subject to very strict regulation, will-writers and other non-lawyers dealing with the preparation of wills and the administration of a person’s estate are completely unregulated, which can leave clients high and dry if there is negligence or dishonesty by the will-writer, or even if the company simply goes out of business.

In Webber’s case, if he repays the money as ordered, the beneficiaries of the estates from which money was stolen will eventually receive their inheritances.

Had  he been employed by a solicitor, it is unlikely that he would have been able to continue to defraud clients in this way – for instance, at  FDC Law, we  have strict internal policies to ensure that files are reviewed on a regular basis, which would make it virtually impossible for a worker to steal from clients in this way. In addition, as part of the our LEXCEL accreditation we are audited annually by an independent  expert and, like other solicitors, have insurance which would ensure that victims would not be left out of pocket even in a worst case scenario.

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