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BLOG - Divorce

  • Proposed Law Reform for Divorce
    01 Oct, 2018 Posted By: Marion Fisher
    A controversial ruling by the UK Supreme Court that a woman must remain in an unhappy marriage until 2020 has prompted calls for divorce law to be reformed, to allow for “no fault divorces” in the UK. The case of Mr and Mrs Owens has highlighted the extent to which the UK divorce law differs significantly from many other countries. Under... read more.
  • Archer v Titchener. What would really happen
    20 Dec, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Regular listeners to ‘The Archers’ will know that Rob and Helen Titchener were back in court recently, this time to deal with the issue of Rob’s contact with his son, Jack, and that Henry, Helen’s son, and Rob’s step-son, should return to live with his mother. Rob is to have supervised contact with Jack once a month,... read more.
  • Wyatt and Vance, A Cautionary Tale for Divorcing Couples
    14 Jun, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Dale Vince and Kathleen Wyatt married in 1981, separated in 1984 and divorced in 1992.   At the time of the divorce, neither of them had much money, and it appears that no finacial order was made then.   Mr Vince went on to found his own extremely successful Green Energy business and became a multi-millionaire, his company being estimated... read more.
  • Court Fee Rise for Divorces
    17 Mar, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Following on from the news that the government is proposing massive increases in the fees charges by the Court to grant probate, an announcement was made today that, effective Monday 21st March, the fees payable to the court to issue a divorce petition will rise 34% from £410 to £550. Marjorie Taylor,  FDC's head of Family Law,... read more.
  • Domestic Abuse doesn't only happen in the Archers
    14 Mar, 2016 Posted By: M. Taylor
    If you are a regular listener to Radio 4's’s long running soap, The Archers,   you’ll know that a current story line deals with the issue of domestic abuse within the Titchener family. Rob Titchener is not physically violent to his pregnant wife, Helen; his abusive behaviour involves controlling her movements, isolating her from... read more.
  • Flawed Court Website. Was your divorce settlement affected?
    18 Dec, 2015 Posted By: M. Taylor
    News has broken today that the  Form E financial Statement for use within financial proceedings in divorce and dissolution cases,  available on the Government’s website, had a software fault which resulted in the addition and subtraction feature giving incorrect answers. This has raised fears that people  who used Government’s... read more.
  • Is your divorce Pension Order safe?
    19 Jun, 2015 Posted By: M. Taylor
    Changes to Pension Law may put some divorced people at risk of losing out The rules relating to pensions have recently changed, allowing people ‘Pension Freedom’, to withdraw funds rather than buying an annuity, on retirement. However, this could cause problems for divorced spouses who obtained a Pension Earmarking Order  in... read more.


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